Sunday, October 7, 2007

DIY Blog! Do it yourself!

Anyone out there love to DIY? (DIY=do it yourself) It is great for saving money, sometimes, on labor! Notice I said SOMETIMES! That is because, sometimes it is just too hard and it would have been easier to just pay someone else to do the job, and sometimes it might even cost you more to DIY. For the most part, if you love projects, you can do it yourself and save money. In our household, we do as much DIYing as we possibly can. Landscaping, Painting (inside and out), Repairs, Building things (i.e. sandbox, toy box, garden bed box, lots of boxes! LOL).
You get the picture, and deep down, I do feel we saved "big time" on those items.

To help you get started, I would like to point out a great blog from AOL's/HGTV's very own Eric Stromer! From there you can get all kinds of tips and tricks of the trade, and even gain ideas on what you can do next in your home, and potentially save money and best of all...Have Fun!

Eric Stromer's Blog


Anonymous said...

Thanks for Eric's link. I'll have to check that out. I love to do stuff myself. It's rewarding to see things get accomplished. But I agree, it can sometimes get expensive.

I'm in the middle of painting my laundry room right now and installing bead board. I'm halfway there. Hopefully, I'll get it all done by tomorrow. My parents are coming to town and I would like to have it finished before they get here. said...

I LOVE to DIY but it always turns out to be a complete disaster lol. Thanks for the link though !

Anonymous said...

Here's another site I love geared to women. Started by 2 women diy'ers with video and article along with a great forum!
I even have one of their tool belts in fushia/pink! Talk about being stylish with a purpose. anna

PS Nice blog!