Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Back to the Clothesline!

I mentioned Clotheslines yesterday for my Monday Mommy Tip!

Well, I should have included the link that follows here for how clotheslines are now versus when you were "growing up!" Clotheslines are so much "cooler" now. They are retractable and can be indoors or outdoors. That way you don't stare at a string going across your backyard or wherever. When you are done drying, well, no one knows you have a "clothesline!"

Check out more inexpensive clotheslines in different lengths on Ebay:

Retractable Clotheslines

To add to this tip of using your dryer less, I should also mention, that you wouldn't have to fully dry your clothes on the clothesline, but if you just dry partially, then put in your dryer to fluff and finish the laundry. This alone would be very helpful to your electric bill and environment! All this talk and savings, I believe I will start with a small line for my washer/dryer area for the small things, and in spring upgrade to a larger outdoor one. I believe it will be fun and refreshing. Back to a "simpler time." Not so simple I am certain, but that is what folks always say. :-)


Lori Harris said...

I miss having a clothes line. My mom always hung things out to dry, but now I live in a development with an HOA that prohibits them. So I use a small drying rack instead and try to hide it on our deck!

Martha said...

I love my clothes line! I am considering putting one up downstairs for winter. I am just fearful that it will take *forever* to dry my clothes!
Happy Hanging,

maria said...

There is nothing like the fresh outdoor smell in your bed sheets when drying them out on the clothesline.

Go for it! It also save tons of money.


Posh Mama said...

I love this article too! I will never use the dryer for my sheets as it just ruins them! I am super picky about my sheets :) I need to look into some of these options for us city dwellers. Thanks for the tip. Much love, xoxo-pm