Sunday, October 7, 2007

Christmas Gifts for my Husband....I've got it!

Hey Ladies out there! Are you searching for gifts for him? Well, I have found this one site that I know my husband, being he is a mechanic and all, would absolutely salivate over! Seriously! I know, even myself, I would love to have a lot of what the Car Guy Garage has to offer.

For instance (and I am dreaming a bit here, this is more for me!) I love their 50's Retro Style Garage Flooring! AWESOME! I LOVE a vintage look, as our kitchen is done in the 50s style! To top that off, I would love to have their Very cool Gas Pumps with Various uses such as display and TV holder! WOW! Now, wouldn't that be your guy's DREAM! Now, these may be for more of those folks with deeper pockets than I, but sure would love those items!

On a realistic level, and more of a real present my husband would love to have would be the Peg Boards for the Garage! What man with a garage has Enough Peg Boards? There is always a new tool or gadget that needs hanging up! Our garage is crazy looking and peg boards would be a stress-reliever! Also, I have to add, there is a coupon on the Peg Boards! You know me, Thrifty! :-)

Go check out Car Guy Garage now and check out their 1,000s of products to make the garage another room in your house. Take a look around Car Guy Garage and imagine and possibly go ahead and purchase the gift you would like for that guy in your life?

Best wishes on your Holiday Shopping! Thrifty thought, start now!!!!
Brought to you by Car Guy Garage

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