Monday, June 2, 2008

Yard Sale Report

I am reporting how the much anticipated yard sale went this past Saturday.

Everything went smoothly as far as setting up and pricing, etc... problem.

My friend and I both had tons of stuff. This being my friend's first EVER yard sale...she had a TON of stuff...and mostly large items at that! She did really well...making $202.00! I thought that was awesome especially since there were yard sales all around us and it was as if people were holding on to their money because they were trying to spread it out through the different yard sales. I can't blame them...that I how I yard sale as well. I, myself, made $78.75 which is not bad at all considering I was mainly selling clothes and a few random items and small toys. I am pleased with the outcome of our yard sale. All profits from my earnings will go towards our trip this summer to Romania. I was most of all excited to clear out my house and make way for more organization.

I have pictures of the before shot of all the stuff...however, am learning still how to use my new camera from Mother's Day and how to put the pictures on the computer.

Happy Monday!
This is our students' last full week of school! Yippie!


Lacy said...

Congrats on your yard sale! It's always nice to make some $$ and clear out some space in your home at the same time.

Anonymous said...

It's great when you can get rid of stuff you no longer need and get some money from it at the same time!

Over The Top Aprons said...

Congrats. Great incentive to weed out things.