Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thrifty Thursday: Getting One Full Month Ahead in Bills!

That is correct! We are one June Bill away from paying them off two weeks early. In the next two weeks we will pay off all the July Bills except one. When we return from our trip to Romania...we will pay that last bill which will be the last week of July, putting us one month paid off with the next month's worth of Paychecks being a surplus in our household. I am excited. This took many months (for us) to achieve. We did this because of our Trip to Romania, as we wanted NO bills to become due while we were gone. A nice side effect is being a month ahead on Bills. Pretty Exciting. We should come back to a bank account with several of our paychecks waiting for us with no bills (except the one I mentioned) to pay with it. I am so excited and relieved all at once! PHEW!

How did we achieve this? Simple (or not so simple...a lot of restraint): Anytime we had "extra" money like my husband's check to be a little higher than usual (overtime, etc...)...I would take that and apply it to a bill and pay early or stuff it into savings and refrain from saying "We have an extra $X.00 let's get this or that!" Also, we applied any bonuses, Tax Refund, Rebate the trip for Romania AND the bills! No frills! (Well some...shhh....just a few here and there...gotta live!) And by the way...this trip and preparation for all of this was 6 months in the making. So glad we are 2 1/2 weeks away from getting on that plane! :-)

Have a Terrific Thrifty Thursday!


Unknown said...

Hi, I realize this is an older post. I was curious about how you got ahead in bills. I'm trying to do this myself and I guess I'm just having a hard time grasping the concept. It seems like if I pay double in one month to get ahead, I'm still paying the same bill again the next month and going through the same process. I don't get what I'm missing.

Melanie said...

At the time of this post , I had differs life situations and it was simpler. Now times have changed once again and I am attempting to figure out new ways to get ahead with new life situations! Thank you for your question apologies for not much of an answer! :-) best wishes!