Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bath and Body Works Deals this week! 75% Off!!!!

Hey all!

Yesterday (on my first Monday at home) I went with my friend to the Mall. We stopped in Bath and Body Works as the Giant 75% Off sign drew us in like a strong magnet! :-) I can't resist a sign like that and especially at one of my fav stores!!!!

I hadn't been to the mall in many months so I felt it was okay to walk in. I believe I did very well. They are getting rid of a ton of stuff and getting ready to re-stock with new fragrances according to what the lady was saying. I am telling you...it was like half the store on sale!

Okay, so what did I buy? Here it goes:
4 Liquid Anti-Bac Brown Sugar & Fig Soaps for $10 (It was a clearance 4 for $10)
2 Sprays in Night Blooming Jasmine (a discontinued fragrance that I do like, very airy) (75% off)
1 Body Lotion in Night Blooming Jasmine (75% off)
1 Shower Gel in Night Blooming Jasmine (75% off)

I figured I would stock up as Bath and Body Works Products do seem to last forever!

Oh yeah and my total for all 8 items: $21.33 !!! Wow! That is like two items at regular price!

If you like or love Bath and Body Works...I would totally encourage you to go check it out during the work week and see what you find! Sooo much to choose from in this sale!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

I almost bought some "FitFlops;" however, just couldn't do it due to my savings...I didn't want to offset the savings with a $49.99 purchase. I am thinking there has to be a way to find those flops and get some kind of sale on them? Maybe not...pretty new here in the U.S. Popular in the U.K.

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