Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Deals and Home Sweet Home!!!!

I am so excited to be blogging to you with comfort and ease...meaning, I am not in any kind of rush and am fully relaxed due to the fact I am HOME for the Summer now! Whoo Hoo!!!!

Now on with the Weekend Deals Update:

The best deal this weekend was at my favorite store: Target! My husband was shopping for a watch and wasn't looking for anything pricey...just something that works. (Somehow, always a challenge for us to find one that works for a length of time.) So he had the lady show him one $30 watch and it wasn't water resistant so he said no thanks. Then there was a watch next to it...he said (Out of curiosity) how much is that one? She had to scan it, as it had no price on it. It scanned Regular $67.00 and she said Wow! It is on Clearance for $16.00! I heard this and better get that one. But first, he made sure it was water resistant and it was up to 5 meters or something. I guess my husband has secret underwater life or something. LOL Anywho, we got that one, and I said "Happy Father's Day!" :-) Big Savings and a really nice looking, and working watch! Can't beat that! Lesson here: ASK, you never know!

We also at Target, bought a camera (for someone when we go to Romania this summer) that everywhere else was sold out or higher priced at $130.00. Target had it on sale for $98 this weekend. So glad to get that one out of the way and on sale as well. Not bad.

So it was a pretty exciting weekend in the shopping department just on those two items alone. We did get normal deals like me a pair of Bermuda shorts for $15.00...regular $19.99. I need them for the trip this summer. I am not a shorts gal...but will need them for this trip.

Alrighty, again, I am very excited to get back to blogging without being in a rush, etc...and kicking back and relaxing! Yay! Summer Vacation!


Lacy said...

Congrats on the deals. I love Target!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Me Too! Loving Target!