Friday, June 20, 2008

Bath and Body Works Survey $10.00 off $30.00!

The day I did my shopping at Bath and Body Works that I blogged about earlier this week, I forgot to mention the cashier showed me on my receipt that I was "chosen" to participate in a quick survey for $10 off any purchase $30 or more in the future and never expires unlike coupons! Awesome! I was thinking, hmmmm...can't be that easy! Well, it was....All I had to do was call the number on the receipt with a touch tone phone and press yes/ no answers on the keypad in less than 5 minutes about my shopping experience the day of that receipt. At the end of the call they give you a 5 digit Validation write it on the receipt and take it back in the store for your $10.00 off! Very VERY easy! I won't put it off next time when I get home. I did this time simply because I assumed for $10 it would take forever...nope...pretty fast and you don't have to speak to anyone...all automated. I love that! You can leave voice comments at the end also, if you wish to add anything.

Don't know what to get? Christmas and Holidays and occasions approach so it for then if nothing else I say!


Julie said...

I've taken the Bath & Body Works survey before too and it was a breeze :)

I LOVE the blog makeover Melanie!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Julie! I still need the overall thing done, but I am excited about the a new life to the old blog. :-) I love your blog full makeover!

Anonymous said...

Too many times a product is discontued in a very short time.
No more business from me.

Melanie said...

I actually agree with you Anonymous! I have noticed once I get to loving a is gone when I go back. I will just not be "scent loyal" and take advantage of clearance only.