Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last week of School: aka: Work

This is the last week of school for students and staff. The students finished on Tuesday...we (teachers and staff) finish tomorrow!!! Yippie!

Today we have workshops, an hour in our rooms, and a luncheon! Tomorrow we will finish up our rooms and checklists to "get out the door" for summer!

I am looking forward to the rest and relaxation that summer tends to bring. This summer we are (as you know already, thanks to my many mentions of it) going to Romania (where my husband's family members are). I am looking forward to it. There has been a ton of preparation and unfourtunately way more expensive than I thought it would have been, and I am not referring to the plane tickets. The many gifts, etc...we have bought for people there and saving money for ourselves to have fun once we get there. I will be delighted to get on the plane so there is nothing more to do in preparation for the trip.

My banner for my blog here is almost ready. I am very excited about a clean look to the upper part of my blog. Hopefully I can save up money to have the whole thing done in the future. For now, I am excited that the first thing you will see, will no longer be the tiny entrecard ad and a brown banner with nothing on it at the top of the blog.

I will be blogging way more than pretty soon once school is completely out.

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