Monday, June 30, 2008

Countdown to our Trip this Saturday!

I can't believe it! So much planning and money has went into this long awaited trip to my husband's home country, Romania. My biggest concern at this point is my son, and how he will handle the flights, airports and time changes.

From Romania, I hope to take pictures and post them here in my blog. It may or may not be Thrifty and Creative related, but I will try to make it valid and if all else least interesting. :-) I do want to share pictures of what I am seeing while I am there and this is a great place to post them.

You can see what saving money and making money can get you. We saved and saved and saved for this trip so we could relax and enjoy ourselves while there. I am sure it will prove to pay off. After the trip, it will be business as usual and Thrifty as usual. :-)

So let the countdown begin:
5 Days til Departure!

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