Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Need a Custom Stamp for your Home Business? Use VistaPrint!

I love VistaPrint! I have used these guys many times in my years on the Internet. I have bought multiple Business Cards from VistaPrint, Address Stickers and also their Custom Self-Inking Stamps!

I found VistaPrint to be the best value when I originally did my search for a much needed stamp with my site, name, and address! Very cool and saved me tons of time when I had to stamp a ton of stuff. It looks far more professional than hand writing everything. Yikes!

A Custom Stamp is also a great promotional tool for yourself, blog or site by stamping the back of outgoing mail such as bills etc... You would be surprised how many folks that will see a site and say hmm....I will check that out. Just make sure your site domain is something easy to remember! If it isn't...maybe buy a second domain and redirect it! :-)

VistaPrint doesn't just make custom stamps, stickers and cards...they have an unlimited amount of products for your creative and business needs. They also have FREE products as well, just pay the shipping to test them out. They even offer logo creation at a small fee. Even if you have used VistaPrint before...check them out again now because they have so much more than probably what you remember if you haven't visited in a while!

P.S. One more product of VistaPrint's you just have to see and use is their Family Caricatures Address Labels! We made these before our son was born (yes, been a while) and loved them...we had us and the dog! Soooo cute! We need to get some new ones that will include our son. I love them!

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Teena in Toronto said...

I've ordered address labels and business cards from Vista ... great job!

Happy blogoversary!