Friday, May 30, 2008

One Day til the Yard Sale!

Yay! Tomorrow in the A.M. is the Yard Sale! I am excited and am looking forward to getting rid of whatever I can and make money at the same time. All fun. Yesterday driving into the neighborhood, I noticed another yard sale sign of someone just two doors down that will be having a yard sale tomorrow also. Great for business, if I do say so myself. Double the excitement.

Last night, I got my signs together, posted my ad on Craigslist, and made a list of change I need for the yard sale (my husband will go to the bank for me today, because I have an exhibit to take down after work) and added a few more items to the pile and priced as I gathered.

Tonight, my friend will bring her items over and we will semi-arrange the sale in the garage so tomorrow morning we can just shift it all into the driveway and be ready to roll and make some money. That is all to say that Mother Nature is on our side. :-)


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