Friday, May 9, 2008

Our Tax Rebate is here! Happy Friday!

That is a Friday Celebration! We just received our Tax Rebate. Yippie! Where did it go? Straight to the savings account for our trip this summer. And that is where it needs and has to stay. The Tax Rebate money is our "spending money" for our trip this summer to Romania. We are looking forward to it, and are glad we had this money coming to help with "fun spending" while we are there.

Anywho, Happy Friday and Happy Early Mother's Day to all you Moms out there this weekend!

My husband bought me a nice new Camera for Mother's Day. He used his work Recycling Money to buy it. He and his other co-workers save some part when they fix cars and a recycling guy comes around to collect them every few months and they get a check for recycling those parts. Don't ask me details, because I have no idea what part it is. Something small is all I know. Always nice to get an extra check here and there.

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