Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shopping on Ebay: Tuesday Toot

I am glad to report that I have found some deals on items that we need on ebay that otherwise were difficult to find in the stores. We are beginning to continue to get ready for our trip this summer, yes, Again! :-) I took a long break from it but Have to get back to it at this point with a month and a half left to get ready. (Big Trip for us)

I bought an XD usb card reader (size of a flash drive). The one we had before finally died on us. This one is more compact...only $7.00 WITH shipping. I don't think that is bad at all.

I also bought a brand new bottle of perfume that someone requested for $13.00 with shipping and tax and have bid on another bottle from the same seller. We had a request from someone we are going to see as to what they wanted and found a good deal on it (two bottles). The regular price on this perfume is like $30 a bottle...so not bad at $13.00!

I just bought 10 mini DV tapes for our camcorder to have with us to video tape every thing while we are there for $25.00 with shipping, etc... I think that is pretty good also.

So, ebay is still a great source for some of your shopping needs.

I am; however, on the search for a deal on a 2G XD type H card for my new camera my husband bought me for Mother's Day. Even on Ebay, they are expensive. I will check out some stores this weekend and decide if I will also buy that from ebay. If you know of a great photography source for lenses, etc... post it in the comments jar please.

Happy Tuesday Toot!


LuAnn @ BackPorchervations said...

Found you through the EntreCard group on Posh Mama. Girl, I wanna go shopping with you! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! :-) That is a compliment, I appreciate it. I am a pretty decent shopper but no one beats my Mom! :-)