Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thrifty Thursday: Getting Ready for my Yard Sale!

Just wanted to send out an FYI that I am getting prepared for my Yard Sale that will be in two weeks (May 31st). I intend to keep you all posted on my selling success (if any). Luckily, I live in a location that you almost don't need to advertise at all! I just have my husband to put the signs up the night before (or morning of) the yard sale and I run a Free Ad on! I list there as I know when I go "yard saling," I too use to map out my plan of shopping for that morning and figure others do as well. I even had one shopper at my first ever yard sale (two years ago) tell me she found me on Craigslist and was looking forward to my sale. On Craigslist you can list the items you are going to sell, address or directions to the sale, and you can even post pictures of something you think will get your buyers to your sale. Great resource. I like to wait til about Wednesday before the Yard Sale to list it, so it won't get lost in all the other lists of yard sales before Friday night.

Best wishes to everyone! Have a wonderful Thursday!


Anonymous said...

I can wait to hear how your yard sale goes. We used yardsales to help us get out of debt. they work great!

Jen said...

Goodluck on your garage sale!! I LOVE using Craigslist too!