Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Want a "Deal" on Original Art? Buy Directly from the ARTIST!

Seriously, if you want the best "deal" on Original Art or Limited Edition Art Prints or any form of Art for that fact...I encourage you to always check buying directly from the Artist before you buy from another party such as Galleries, etc... There is NOTHING wrong with buying from Galleries, etc...; however, prices are higher than the Artist would charge if you bought directly from him/her. Galleries charge sales fees that may be hidden or the Artist has to raise the price to cover their "fees" with the Galleries or salespersons that take a percentage of the sale! Just wanted to FYI you on these factors when purchasing Art and/or Handmade items!

I also would like to point out what made me think of this post and encourage you to check out an Artist's GLASS work while you are here! An amazing Glass Artist at that! My favorite pieces by A Slice of Glass is her Stained Glass wall/window hangings! Quite impressive! This is an Art form that I don't trust myself with as I would be sure to cut myself! Kudos to A Slice of Glass!

Again visit:
A Slice of Glass' Etsy Shop (Etsy is the internet's Best place for handmade, that I am aware of to buy and SELL)
A Slice of Glass' Blog (This is a look into who the Artist is! She is a new blogger...let's support an Artist!)

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Anonymous said...

Being an artist, I do love this post, what makes an artist able to charge such outrageous prices? What drives a picture of a grapefruit up to 1000.00? I think you are right, galleries. There is alot of talent out there, and that just makes it harder for artist that have such a passion for it.