Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Elmo and Thomas & Friends DVDs

I forgot to mention for my weekend shopping post that I also purchased three DVDs at Target. I bought my son two Thomas the Tank Engine DVDs and one Elmo Movie. He loves them all. I am not spoiling him; I am spoiling myself and my sanity (so I don't have to hear the same thing over and over and over again)! :-) I am not one that likes my kid to watch TV at all; however, he is somehow obsessed with Elmo and Thomas and on occasion will cry to watch Thomas, and low and behold...of course it is not on. So I decided to break down and buy some DVDs to have on hand, just in case. I now realize it is something nice to have on hand and you don't have to worry about crazy commercials your child shouldn't see if you have it on a channel other than PBS. Some of those commercials scare me! :-) The DVDs weren't expensive, only $5.50 each for two of the three and $8.99 for the third one. Naturally the favorite is the more expensive one because it has the "sing-along" songs on it. :-)

Anywho...this DVD purchase now makes me want to go to our local thrift store this weekend on a quest for more kids DVDs like Seseme Street and Thomas and Barney, etc... Just to have on hand. I also love a good deal and am curious to see if I can find one on the DVDs! Any suggestions out there?


2Forgetful said...

You might want to see if your local MOMs club or local Mothers of Twins/Multiples club has a children's sale. My Mothers of Multiples club has a sale twice a year and I LOVE the deals I find on DVDs. I also use craigslist.org and places like freecycle to find good deals on kid's movies.

Anonymous said...

Beatrice is crazy about Elmo, too! This is my first introduction to your blog. I love it. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mommy Brain for the tips, I will look into them! Sounds awesome! Also, Thank you Christy for your compliments and stopping by! Visit again soon!