Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday Toot!!! Got a few items for our travel this summer!

This week's Tuesday Toot with Mommy Community is that I have gotten a couple items out of the way for our travel to Romania this summer:

We bought a portable dvd player for my son so he can watch "Bob, Thomas, Barney, etc..." on the plane!

We also bought my son's carry-on piece of luggage will be a rolling spider man bag! :-) He rolled it all through Target! So cute!

I am just excited to have a few items for our trip checked off! So Toot Toot!

Tuesday Toot with Mommy Community is where you get a chance to "Toot your own horn!" AKA: A day to share your pride in something you did that week...easier said "Brag on yourself and give yourself a pat on the back!"


Nikki said...

Very good for you! I never thought of taking the portable DVD player on the plane. That is so smart. Thanks for the idea.

Jeanne said...

wow cool that portable dvd player for in the plane....:) happy tuesday, visit mine too if you have time

Julie Arduini said...

Way to go, sounds like you are on the way to being ready for this trip! I can just picture Spiderman rolling down the Target aisles!

Happy Mommy said...

How Exciting! Are you going to Romania on a missions trip??

Melanie said...

kaylynn's mommy:

Nah...not going on a mission trip to Romania.

My husband is Romanian and his family lives there still so we are going back to visit after 7 years! It will be exciting to see all of his friends and family that we haven't seen all this time. His mother hasn't seen our son in person either! Can you imagine not having ever seen a grandchild of yours? Wow! They are going to be so excited!

Thank you for asking! We are very excited to go back to visit!