Friday, February 22, 2008

EntreCard: Your FREE E-business Card Advertising!

This is not one of my normal Thrifty Tips; however, I realize many visitors are also bloggers themselves and would enjoy and appreciate this FREE advertising tip! I have to say that EntreCard has Quality blogs for the most part! I have found the blogs I run across on EntreCard to be very interesting and loaded information I can use on many topics and interests! I love the control EntreCard gives you such as: where you want to advertise and who advertises on your blog! You will have to visit the EntreCard site and watch their video and sign up to completely understand!

I personally "discovered" EntreCard while on PoshMama's website. I kept seeing the widget (that you see on here as well now on the left column) and finally I clicked on the EntreCard "E" logo and found out more about it! I love it, it has given me more visitors, quality visitors actually! It is a great place to organize your personal favorites and even make blogging "friends!"

Give it a shot! Quite addictive...and best of all FREE!!! One of my favorite prices! :-)