Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tightwad Living on an AOL Forum! Cool!

While doing a morning net surf...I ran across AOL's personal finance section, and I kept narrowing down until I found an interesting forum! Titled: "Tightwad Living!" I thought I would share this will you all as it might be an interesting read. I will check it out further after work as I am running late this morning! :-) Enjoy!



I love your blog lots of great info.
Your son is very cute I have 3 teenagers and worked in the schools substituting. Do you do art a home. I will check out some of your ideas. I work with stained glass and jewelry have you heard of
I may not save money but it supports everything handmade. My site is let me know what you think Maria

Struggling Parents said...

I really appreciate your review to me through encard, that sweet of you, I enjoy your blog as well...have a wonderful day!!!

Melanie said...

asliceofglass: Thank you for all the compliments! I love handmade also, and I DO believe it is a "deal" to buy DIRECTLY from the Artists and Artisans as you aren't paying gallery fees, sales persons, etc... Technically (I know you know, but it is a good point to make on here) it is WHOLESALE when buying from the Artist/Artisan!

Oh yes! Just discovered over the summer! It is the BEST place to buy handmade ANYTHING by far! I have learned so much from that site for my classes and for fun!

I haven't posted many lesson plans ideas, but it is surely a thought of something I could add on here! Sometimes, I turn the teacher "off" when I get home is the reason for the lack of here! :-) Thank you for the interest!

mee moe: My pleasure, you have a great blog as well! I found it to be interesting and a site I will visit many times!