Monday, February 18, 2008

Paper Products! Don't be too Thrifty to buy Quality!

I had to share that I bought a different brand of Paper Towels from my norm and man, there IS a difference! I am sure many of you know that already!

I personally prefer Bounty Paper Towels and swear by them! They DO last longer, pick up better, and can even be dried out and reused just like the commercial says! Now that is a good paper towel!

Currently I am using another (competitor's brand) paper towel and am disappointed. I feel like I am using a sheet of computer paper! Tears easy, doesn't absorb, and the rolls run out far quicker. Don't even think about drying one out and reusing it!

Other Paper Products:

Toilet Paper/Tissue: I prefer Scott! It lasts WAY longer (and is septic safe) than other brands! Many argue the "ouch factor" as my friend states! :-) But it works great for us! Depends on what you like! I like products to last a while!

Facial Tissues: Easy one: Kleenex! Naturally! These guys have been around a while and know how to make 'em! :-)

I know this information may be a repeat (as you use them as well) but just was thinking about my current paper towels! :-)

P.S. I consider buying quality paper products to be a THRIFTY thing to do as it last much longer and is actually a savings overall!


Amy Looney said...

I agree with you about the quality paper products. Bounty does seem to soak up a lot more, especially when you have a klutz around the house like me! I enjoyed your blog! We've never tried Scott toilet tissue, but we might just have to now!

Anonymous said...

For TP I use Angel soft because I find the value is the best for the softness

For Paper towels, I just buy a pack of 9 from the wharehouse and those last about a year.

For tissues I use kroger/king sooper's brand as they are more soft and usually a pretty good price in comparison to name brand with a coupon.

Anonymous said...

Amy! Thank you for the compliment! We love seems to last and last and last! (Scott's newest soft tissue, does NOT last as long though!)

Frugal for life: What brand of Paper Towels do you get? I need to look into that if it lasts a year! Wow!!! Also, same with Kroger Tissues! Thank you both for your comments!

Anonymous said...

Amy, great site.

I am with you on Scott TP. I recently got some Cottonelle from CVS (the real thick kind). Well I got so much of it, I shared it with my parents. Here their sewer backed because of tree roots and the plumber said the thicker toilet paper made it worse. I think it's best to avoid the over the top TP's. You can't go wrong with Scott.


Anonymous said...

I've started ordering TP in bulk online. But, after reading your post, I'll now try the Scott brand, which I don't think I've bought before. :D


Melanie said...

Where do you order TP in Bulk Online? Never thought of that! I am a huge fan of Scott Tissue; however, they do have their foes of folks that like the thick softer tissue. My family likes Scott though and it (for us) really lasts a long time. Especially the bulk from places like BJs/Sams Club/CostCo etc...

Barb Matijevich said...

I deon't like Scott TP but I really love that Bounty. I buy mine at Sam's and it comes with the perforations so you can just tear off HALF of a sheet at a time --I love that! It's Green AND Green!

For a long time, I prefered Puffs with lotion because the other brands didn't offer lotion and when I have a cold my skin is so sensitive, I end up with a RAW nose. But Kleenex now has lotion and box tops.

Great blog!

Carolyn said...

Yes, when it comes to facial tissues, I really like Kleenex. This past month my two little girls and I have had a cold on and off and I really appreciated having soft tissues to wipe their noses. The cheaper ones cause such dry,chapped little noses.