Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thrifty Sunday

Today, I am calling it "Thrifty Sunday" as today we stayed home and have went absolutely no where! By staying home, and staying off the internet even (can get some shopping damage done here as well, LOL), we haven't spent a dime today. With good reason, the bills I had to pay this past week were high leaving no money to budge for the weekend. No worries, next week will be back to normal and also our tax refund money should also arrive. The tax money will go to three plane tickets which will take the most of it and the rest pretty much will go to our house being refinanced!

Just thought I would drop a quick post on what we are doing today!

One other thing I have done today (and the past week) is checking on ways to promote my blog. Ironically by spending all this time on finding ways to promote it, I have also neglected it. How odd is that? Goes to prove, blogging CAN and IS a full time job for many people! It is more than just writing a post here and there!


Anonymous said...

I left a comment, but am not sure it got to you....blogger doesn't like me :(

1stopmom said...

LOL, I thought it was just me that did that. I start looking at blogging stuff and I find so much I end up forgetting to blog! :)