Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend Shopping and Deals!

Not as much to report as the usual but here it goes:

At Michael's I found a miniature cross stitch set for $.10 (yep, ten cents)! My sister-in-law loves to cross stitch so it is a nice token gift to add with other items we will be packing this summer on our trip to Romania to visit my husband's family. It has been seven years since we last saw them in person!

Target deals: Well, this week they had a lot of great stuff but nothing I could use or was looking for.
Walmart deals: Now this is where I hit the jackpot, so-to-speak, this past weekend. I found some High School Musical Necklaces and Bracelets on sale for $3.00 each and comes with a metal tin with each. Regular price was $7.99. They also had some great deals on toys in their toy clearance aisle. I didn't purchase any but they had Bratz dolls for $7-$10 and were standard size with accessories. They also had many other dolls and toys at 50% and up off!

That is my weekend deals for now!

I am working on a painting for a gift right now as well which is a money saver and sure to be a huge hit for the recipient!

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