Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thrifty Tip Thursday!

Hey guys and gals!

What is your Thrifty Tip? Leave it in the "Comment Jar!" :-)

My Tip today: Buy Good Diapers! They last longer in the long-run! I like Huggies Goodnights and Huggies Pull-ups for my two year old son! Do you have a different fav or tip? Share it here in the comment jar!


Shannon said...

I heard Huggies are great for boys. But for my 19 mo. old twin girls, Pampers are where its at.

And of course I clip the coupons for them and trade Huggies and other coupons for Pampers coupons.

Darlene Hull is a said...

My kids are long since out of diapers, but my thrifty tip would be "Make your own fun". We spend a lot of money getting our kids "socialized" and "skilled". It's much cheaper (and MUCH healthier for them) if we save the money and just play together as a family - or with a couple of other families. It makes for wonderful memories and much better socialization!