Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thrifty Tip Thursday!

Hey guys and gals!

What is your Thrifty Tip? Leave it in the "Comment Jar!" :-)

My Tip today: Buy Good Diapers! They last longer in the long-run! I like Huggies Goodnights and Huggies Pull-ups for my two year old son! Do you have a different fav or tip? Share it here in the comment jar!


Shannon said...

I heard Huggies are great for boys. But for my 19 mo. old twin girls, Pampers are where its at.

And of course I clip the coupons for them and trade Huggies and other coupons for Pampers coupons.

Anonymous said...

My kids are long since out of diapers, but my thrifty tip would be "Make your own fun". We spend a lot of money getting our kids "socialized" and "skilled". It's much cheaper (and MUCH healthier for them) if we save the money and just play together as a family - or with a couple of other families. It makes for wonderful memories and much better socialization!