Sunday, September 2, 2007

Super Sunday!

It is a fabulous day! Great weather, finally with highs in the 80s and lows at night in the 60s! What a relief from 100 degree days in the month of August! Crazy how the turn of a month and everything seems to change! Back to work, back to school, great weather, starting to think of the holidays!

Thrifty Thought!
Since it is starting to head to the Holidays...a great idea always is, to get a jump start and START NOW! That way when the season is upon us, you can enjoy the songs, laughter, pictures, family, friends, meals, decorations, etc...around you and not the hussle and bussle of the Malls (unless you just feel like it, not have to!)!

The last two years I found myself out and about on the final days, and of course...out of money and time! No fun, it is WORK at that point and should NOT be! The year before that, I started in the Summer months and man, that was truly a great Holiday season! Even bought extras and could eat out that year and enjoy the family time that you should!

Anywho, playing skip today from Church (shame on us!). Son tired us out with lack of sleep, I know I know! NO REASON!

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SAHMmy Says said...

Great tip! I was expecting baby #2 in October last year, so I knew I'd be a little preoccupied during the holiday season! I got 80% of my Christmas shopping and wrapping done by mid-September. It was the greatest feeling to know I could take my time getting to the other 20%. Sorry I'm taking over your blog via comments--I'm just gonna add you to my blogroll and call it a day!