Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Evening Thrifty Thought on Empty Containers!

I was just cleaning up my son's crayon collection (only two years old, LOL) with his assistance and thought, hmmm, that might be something the readers want to know...what to do with those empty coffee cans! Now days, they seem to be making more and more plastic coffee cans! Well, let's put them to good recycling use! (I am curious if they started making them out of plastic for safety reasons, as well as, recycling ease? Just a crazy thought.) Anywho, I just decided to put my son's mountain of crayons into two PLASTIC folders containers. He loves it! He can open the plastic container fairly easily and he likes to put his own crayons away because the big opening rather than a cardboard box (also you can recycle those as well, by decorating and making Artist Trading Card Holders out of them) that is hard for little children to handle and put the crayons back correctly. Also, let's face it, they don't like putting their crayons away in those little frusterating boxes!

So Moms and Dads, Drink up on the Coffee, and save those cans to put away your child's crayons, as well as, markers, pencils, and the list goes on!

What do you use your coffee containers for (if you drink coffee that is, of course!)?

As always, if you don't need to store crayons or anything, donate to your Art Teacher! He or She will use it!

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