Sunday, September 16, 2007

Looking for a deal on ROUTERS!

Hello one and all! I am guessing I have completely lost our current router! We had a ton of storms on Friday and apparently (maybe) lightening may be to blame. Our router seemed to not be at peek performance for sometime now. Anyways, this is my "Thrifty" blog and being the Thrifty soul that I am! I want to find the BEST Router for the BEST price! I am looking for recommendations on routers from anyone that has used the same one MORE than a year! If you are out there and you just get fabulous range and quick connections with your laptops upstairs, downstairs and outside (in range of your home) with little to no problems. I want you to please comment and tell me what you use and about what I should expect to pay for it and where to buy!!! :-) Any comments on this matter are much appreciated and needed! Of course, looking for a good deal, keeping in mind, in an event like this, cheapest price is NOT always the "Best" deal!!!! :-)

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SAHMmy Says said...

Sorry no advice; don't even know what a router is! Just wanted to say thanks for blogrolling me! :)