Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Mommy Tip!

Happy Monday Folks!

This is my Monday Mommy Tip:

Don't be shy to clip a coupon, but don't go out and BUY BECAUSE you have a coupon! Only buy what you need! Also, if you forget the coupon, don't run home to get it! Remember: It's costing you Gas to do that! I know sounds wierd to do, but my Mom would do that! LOL :-)

Also, keep your coupons in your handbag/wallet so you don't forget them! It never seemed to fail (until I learned to do this), I would forget my Michael's coupon OR simply think I wouldn't need it til the weekend and OF COURSE, for some reason find myself there during the week needing something and FORGETTING to grab the coupon on my way out. So NOW when the Michael's coupon comes, I simply tear it out and immediately put it in my handbag so I can find it! Works out so much nicer and I do save money when I get there!


Anonymous said...

I used to use coupons more before - I've been lazy ... but I remember saving "fun money" from the coupon savings. I guess - I have to start using coupons again - it'll help me save some moolah for the holidays.

Shannon said...

I've been using coupons for a while, but got out of the habit recently. I keep forgetting to bring them and soon enough -they've expired!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better myself! I don't clip any coupons for brand-name stuff that I don't use. I'm sure the Coupon Mom would advise differently, but the off-brands I buy are usually STILL cheaper than the brand name with the coupon.

Only for something REALLY special (that maybe has chocolate as a main ingredient) am I willing to use a coupon for something I wouldn't normally buy.

Just today I forgot a big coupon - but the cashier said just to bring it back later in the week with my receipt and they'll deduct it for me! Since the store is right next door to my kids' preschool, it's not even going to cost me an extra trip :)

Anonymous said...

I buy 5 newspapers every week and clip ALL the coupons lol. Seems like a lot of work but if you work hard at it every save hundreds of dollars. Just today I bought 70.00 worth of stuff and paid only 10.00 !

My tip ... don't go shopping without a list. Buy only what's on sale and if you have a coupon. If it's not on sale and you can WAIT...then wait.