Sunday, September 23, 2007

Re-cap of my FAVORITE $$ Saving Sites!

It's time to Re-cap my personal favorite, $$$ saving Shopping Sites! Just in case you need some "Shopping Therapy!"


ShopGoodWill: This site is an "Auction" style site. It is a "compilation" of the Goodwill Stores across the United States! Because it isn't as well known as sites like Ebay, you can really get a good deal! Also it is nice because you are NOT dealing with "random" are sure to deal with an actual business! No feedback here, none needed!

CraigsList: This site deals with NO fees for you to sell or buy! You are dealing directly with locals (or you should be, if not, don't purchase!)! You email or call folks that have the items you are looking for. No bidding, flat fees, buy it or don't! You will have to drive to pick up products, take a buddy or meet in a business location (like walmart or somewhere with lots of people). Also, it is great to sell on because, no kidding, everytime I try to buy something, it is already spoken for!

Ebay: Now, do I really need to go into detail on this one? :-) Okay, well, Great to sell on, but you really need to have patience and knowledge of your product. It isn't quick to list or necessarily to get your first sale. It is WELL worth learning however! So many people go here!!! You need traffic, they have it! Also, you can always find a deal on Ebay; however, buyer beware: READ the Descriptions, ask questions, look at the Shipping Charges and don't assume you can lower it! Don't buy from someone with lots of negative feedback or very little feedback (if you are new especially!...first purchases should be from folks that has been selling a while, then work your way up to "risk-taking!"). Great place to find collectibles, something rare, something unique! I love to buy and sell on ebay! But it is work to sell! Don't assume it to be quick and easy!

Okay, I will stop here, I don't like really long posts, and don't intend to make you read a really long post either!

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Stefani @ said...

I love Ebay and Craigslist. I haven't heard of the first one you talk about!