Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Art at Home!

I sometimes will take some throw out type of paper like scraps of wrapping paper that actually is huge to a child but you don't want to wrap anything in it. Use the reverse white side, grab some markers, roll it out on the floor and tell your kids to make a mural or just "go to town" on whatever they like! You never know what kind of masterpiece may come of it from your little Van Goghs! :-)

We are lucky enough to have an extra room that we keep an art mat over the top of the coffee table and always have paper, markers, and crayons "ready to roll" for our toddler! We are, of course, art nuts ourselves....so it isn't unusual we should have that! The Childcare Center my son goes to says when they say it is "Art Time" he comes running to the tables! I was glad to hear that! PHEW!

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SAHMmy Says said...

Check out anordinarymom.wordpress.com 's Wordless Wednesday post! When you said you have art supplies at the ready, this is the image that popped into my head :) My son is finally coming along with liking to draw/color/craft--I've been putting some time in everyday toward this end since he came home from Sunday School 3 times in a row with a blank page.