Saturday, September 29, 2007

Recycling Crayons! Don't throw them away!

Here are a few ideas that you may or may not know of what you can do with old broken crayons, Besides throw them away!

Let's get creative!

#1) We've all heard it, so get out and do it! Get the little cute candy molds, toss a mix of colors (or same) in each, put out in the sun to "melt" them! You can also put in the Microwave I have heard (not sure how long, etc...)..haven't tried this way! This makes NEW "thicker" crayons (nice for small hands!) You can make them colorful like the rainbow or REMAKE old crayons in original colors by for instance putting only black crumbs in a candy mold making a "New" Black Crayon!

#2) "Sharpen" an old crayon you don't need and crumble with finger tips, place into a baby food jar with water and a hot glued trinket in the lid, and wham-o, a Snow Globe! Got this idea originally from an Art Educator website, you can also use glitter, but we are talking about crayons here! :-)

#3) Make a placemat: Use Wax paper on top of a sheet of art/drawing paper, sprinkle some old crayon bits and press with Iron to make a placemat. Of course, you may want to laminate when finished to be useable or simply matte and frame for a neat piece of abstract art for you home. Think of the colors of your house/room to choose colors of crayon bits!

I hope these ideas are fun for you and give them a whirl with your child! Have another way to use old crayons? Drop me a comment in the comment jar!

Have a Thrifty and Creative Weekend!

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