Tuesday, November 4, 2008

TV Prices Predicted to Drop?

Well, I can't say any of this for certain, but this morning on my local news...they claimed that due to the economy and low sales...that Flat TVs (LCD) are expected to "plummit" in price in the coming few weeks. For example they (local news) were saying a 32" you will be able to (maybe) get for $400; 42" for $700; and a 50" for as little as $1,000. Sounds good, although, in our house, we do not have even the $400 to spare but if You do...Awesome...hang on to your cash for a couple of weeks and do the "wait and see" game. Naturally, the Holiday season is approaching so I would bet this would be normal even if the economy were better because stores love to give crazy deals during the Christmas Holiday Rush. We can't even afford the good deals this year.

We will be watching our spending this Christmas way more than usual. The list is short and inexpensive this year. No worries because Christmas isn't supposed to be about the gifts and that is great. Still, would be nice to be in a bit better financial standing during the season.

The great news is....Tax Time is Nearing! Ya-hoo! I love Tax Time.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you about waiting to make a nonessential purchase like a tv (or other electonic item) Prices and sales abound now and will probably get better closer to Christmas, so if you look around, then you can get a great deal for the least amount of cash!