Friday, November 21, 2008

Black Friday...This year...staying home!

"Black Friday" this year will be a bit boring for myself; however, relaxing. I am too "lazy" to get the great deals on "Black Friday". I will stay in the "black" by not spending as we are already in the "Red!"

"Black Friday" comes from the color of ink on retailers reports for their yearly sales. Typically some stores (or many...not certain of exact statistics) are in the Red for the year before "Black Friday" and the go into the "Black" on "Black Friday" as a result of huge sales that day and through the Holiday shopping season. This is when stores really start to see profit. Many stores meet and exceed quotas thanks to "Black Friday." I used to work at a department store years ago and remember my commission would be in the "red" (aka: not making anything besides my hourly) and I, myself, would start making commission and thus going into the "black" on "Black Friday." I must say, I don't miss it. Maybe that is the reason for my lack of motivation to get out and about on that day. I hated getting up sooo early and always said when I get out of retail..."I'm sleeping in!" I guess I am doing that out of respect for my past self this year. :-)

For all of those brave shoppers out there, I did find this one site that you can sign up for email alerts on the latest black friday ads and updates:

I believe I am most interested in "Cyber Monday" this year and want to see what it is all about as I have never taken part in this day.


Anonymous said...

I second the motion - this ear I'm staying home and keeping my $$$ safe. Last year I got an MP3 player and the year before that a Home Theater system, so this year I'm avoiding the temptation to spend.

Melanie said...

Exactly! This year, any spending that isn't planned would be very bad for the current budget!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm doing the opposite. Last year I didn't go anywhere and ended up spending too much money for christmas gifts - not that I have to buy them. This year I'm taking advantage of these black friday and cyber monday deals to make as gifts for the Christmas.

Melanie said...

On black friday in the past all I find (my experience) is items not on my list and the things on my list believe it or not are not part of the advertised sales but full priced. This year...I am not really shopping for any items...just gift cards and cash this year. We are broke and there will be no odds and ends gifts this year. Not that I wouldn't love it. I love shopping like that...but will avoid the crowds and stick to a very specific list. Luckily for me, our son is only he doesn't have the special requests yet that makes it difficult to buy for him.
Also, for us...we really don't have a long shopping list this year anyway. We are luckier than most as many folks we know live far away. Just have to remember to send those cards!