Friday, November 7, 2008

Currently Away at an Art Conference

Just wanted any readers out there to know, that currently I am not at home. I am away in the mountains of Asheville, NC at an Art Conference for Art Teachers of NC.

Today I attended a Seminar on Art Education and one Workshop on Knotting. Both were pretty cool and now I am enjoying FREE Wireless Internet Access and maybe a cup of coffee soon that is in the hotel room. Also, I will take advantage of the FREE Breakfast offered by the hotel.

We (husband and son went along with me) don't have money, so we are taking advantage of lounging in the hotel room while I am not in workshops, etc... We took advantage of the Mall's play space for our son to run around and have his little vacation and all for FREE.

We are looking at this as uninterrupted, stress-free, relaxation. No cooking, No cleaning, No Barking Dog and No Toys to clean up/pick up. Just playing on the internet, watching cable, and that is about it. My son is enjoying a few toys we brought for him, leapster, and some movies we brought. I believe we all needed a little getaway and lounging. Not to mention the mountains are beautiful this time of year with the changing leaves and all. FREE Visual Beauty/Entertainment.

Have a great weekend.

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