Saturday, November 22, 2008

How we save $$$ on gas

Now, this probably won't have much effect for other people but this is what we (husband and I) do to save money on gasoline for our vehicles.

My husband has a truck (F-150) and I have a car (Corolla). Obviously, we all know the Corolla would be better on gas mileage etc... My husband's truck is surprisingly pretty decent on isn't four wheel drive (maybe that has something to do with it?). Anywho, my husband's job is twice the distance of my job from our home. Sooo, since my car is better for distance and takes much less gas....we switch vehicles to go to work. We have saved so much money with this obvious logic. I wanted to share this tidbit as I don't believe I have ever made a post on it.

There are some days that I need my car...for instance...I have to attend a meeting or leave my work for some reason (ex: doctor appointment, etc...) and thus traveling more than to and from work. Basically, whomever is traveling the most miles that day gets the car! :-) Silly sounding maybe...but sure has saved us money. Estimated savings (for us and our travel) per month is from $80-$100 per month varying due to up and down price of gas and where else, besides work, we have traveled that month.

Here is our breakdown (estimate on average): (Estimates are Price Per Month)

(Price break down if we didn't switch vehicles)
$200 Truck (Husband)
$60 car (Myself)
$260 (total price per month on both vehicles)

(Price break down NOW that we do switch vehicles)
$100 Truck (Myself)
$80 Car (Husband)
$180 (total price per month on both vehicles)

A savings is a savings! Find it where you can!

Does anyone else out there do something like this to cut cost on gasoline?


Mary-Frances said...

That's really creative - and kind of a "duh" (pretty logical). We actually just don't drive much. I have the gas eating minivan and it stays with me and the kids. Hubby has always had a more economical car for driving to work. You make a fantastic point tho!

Melanie said...

I know what you mean by "duh" and I agree; however, many times we overlook the obvious. Sometimes I will avoid posting a tip because I am thinking...everyone thinks of that...and then I will see on another blog the same thought and everyone thinks its revolutionary.
Also with the switching car idea...that is just something that we do because before moving, our old house was equal distance to both our jobs...then we moved. Upon moving...we both got closer to our jobs and I got EVEN MORE closer than my husband so this was a good solution once the price of gas starting going way up. With the prices leveling off...we like the savings and continue to switch vehicles.