Monday, November 17, 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award! Yay! Thank you Frugal Shopping With Julie!

One of my favorite bloggers gave me the "Kreative Blogger" award!
The blogger/blog is Frugal Shopping With Julie by Julie!
I have found so many great deals on Julie's blog...I just love her blog...well written, beautiful design and not to mention the BARGAINS one can find!
Thank you Julie from Frugal Shopping With Julie!

Upon receiving this award, I have to list 6 things that I am thankful for and then pass this award along to 6 more wonderful bloggers!

I like this kind of award because I am blessed to say I could list a thousand things I am thankful for, but will stick with the six that is requested! :-)

Here it goes:

I am thankful for...
  1. The fact I have way more than 6 items that I feel blessed and thankful for. God's many Blessings!

  2. My Son...he is a joy even when he is not necessarily being joy. (3 years old)

  3. My Husband....a wonderful man that puts up with me and my oddities.

  4. My Mom, Sister and Niece (5 months old)

  5. Friends (Work and Home)

  6. Having a sense of humor (most of the time): I love to laugh!

I could definitely keep going! I try to give thanks for my blessings every day!
Now I will pass this award on to six bloggers whose sites I enjoy. I have many to choose from so I will just direct you all to six and am certain it will spread through to all my favorites out there!

These Bloggers and their Blogs are AWESOME! You will gather so much useful and interesting information from each of them! I am pretty sure if they aren't a favorite of yours already, they will give them a visit and see which ones will become your favorites!


It's OK to be WEIRD! said...

AWWWWW - thanks!! That's so sweet of you. You are awesome, and you totally deserve this award. Thanks for passing it along. I'll get it up in a few days - we're travelling tomorrow and then finding life again after that!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award! This looks like a fun one to pass along!

Melanie said...

You all are most welcome and are well deserving of any blogger awards and I am thankful (in the spirit of this award and nearing thanksgiving) for all of you guys! I do get some excellent information of all kinds from your blogs! You rock!

It's OK to be WEIRD! said...

I got it posted today, Melanie. Thanks again!!! You are a blessing, and I love your blog, too!