Monday, April 14, 2008

Final Hours of Tax Season! File to get your Tax Rebate today! I love Turbo Tax!

Below are the things you should know about the government tax rebates: (Information supplied by TurboTax)

*To receive your tax rebate you must file your 2007 tax return
*Your economic stimulus tax rebate is based on your 2007 income and how many children you have.
*Most individual taxpayers will get $600.
*Most married couples will get $1,200.
*Plus, most taxpayers will receive an additional $300 per child.

****Remember, you must file your Federal Tax Return to get your rebate.

TurboTax - Choose Easy

We only use TurboTax in our house (now and for the past 4 years)! We do get maximum refunds and everything each year. I also file my Mother's, Sister's and My sister's Co-worker's taxes this way. They were all impressed with TurboTax as well! Hurry up! Time is running out! Get your Refund AND your Tax Rebate!!!! Happy End of Tax Season! (I had ours finished at the beginning of February; Thanks to the speed of TurboTax. It stores your information year to year and after the first year, the next year just flows.)

What will you do/have done with your Tax Refund and will do with your Rebate?

Ours will be used for our trip this summer and to pay down debt (of course)!

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Anonymous said...

Hi - we also use Turbotax and will never use anything else (5 years and running so far). We paid off a credit card with our refund. For the stimulus, though we're putting it to some fun vacation time use. Great blog - I look forward to reading future posts.