Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend Deals!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Just wanted to share my the deals I got over the weekend. On Saturday...we bopped over to Lowe's Home Improvement. They were running a 50% off sale on their Home Decor products they are clearing out. We bought a Rattan Ottoman (storage inside) for $25.00 Regular $50! I was and am excited about that purchase. We put it in the living room in front of a chair and put bags of Diapers in it to conceal it and have somewhere to rest our feet! Nice! It matches well too of course. Don't give up style for a deal.

My other deal was yesterday at CVS! I needed some more of my preferred and much needed shampoo T/Gel and discovered I had CVS Extra Bucks ($4) and a $2 coupon for Neutrogena Products! I asked, can I used the bucks and a coupon? They said sure as long as they don't owe me money! I said no problem. I also added a little Rudolph coloring book (90% off) that I got for $.50 Regular $5.00. My son loves Rudolph. Has watched it nearly every day since the new year began! I paid in cash for my Shampoo $1.06, including the coloring book! Not bad!

I also stayed far away from malls, target, etc... this weekend to avoid un-necessary spending! Had to be careful this weekend. I believe I did well!

Happy Thrifty Monday!


Trendy Tots said...

Great blog! I've recently discovered the thrill of being thrifty. Now I just need to avoid the malls. :)

Lacy said...

I agree. You can get some great deals with CVS's extra care bucks. I have about 20 tubes of toothpaste from a deal they had last year.