Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My "Green Dream" List!

That's right! My "Green Dream" List! This is a list of items that I would just LOVE LOVE LOVE to have; however, financially unable to afford at this moment, but no reason not to dream "green!" Need some "Green!" There are quite a few items out there that are absolutely awesome but the average family (at least mine) can not justify the prices due to regular bills and financial obligations. Okay, I know, thanks for being so depressing! LOL

Without further adieu; here is my list:

  1. Window Awnings on the entire back of my house!
  2. A nice vent-free electric fireplace for the bonus/hobby room!
  3. Solar Panels (can't a girl dream big!)
  4. Bamboo Flooring throughout
  5. New Energy Star Front Loading Washer and Dryer
  6. New Energy Star Stainless Steel Stove and Microwave (kinda have energy star already but want stainless steel to match the fridge)
  7. Stainless Steel Energy Star Dishwasher
  8. Electric Griddle
  9. Hybrid Vehicle (Do they make the Pacifica in a Hybrid?)
  10. Storm Door (Front Door)
  11. New Energy Star Thermostats
  12. I may add more later as my ideas pop in my head...I love to dream!

Anything on your "green dream" wish list?

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