Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend Accomplishments: Organizing and Creative Spending!

This weekend, I feel that I accomplished quite a bit, well at least I think so! :-)

Topic: Organizing:
I managed to organized my son's clothes (that seemed infinite to the end). I reorganized his clothes in his room. I gathered up some for our yard sale that takes place in October, some for people I know, and some to keep (just in case). This task took around 3 hours! No kidding! So glad to have that complete and it looks great and feels great (easier to find his clothes and what he can wear).

I also cleared off the Kitchen and Dining Room tables! Whew! It is amazing how much mail one accumulates in a week's time! Yikes! I also created a system for that as well so it shouldn't happen again (well...we'll see)!

I started organizing the bonus/hobby room! This is still an ongoing task and no where near completion! I did; however, take down the superyard that protected my personal hobby/arts area. Man, it really gave the room new life! I feel like I can breath in there again! Yippie! The room looks big again! Yay! Looking forward to seeing the end product on this one!

Topic: Creative Spending:
This weekend, we also did a little bit of shopping that was also somehow a breath of fresh air! We all need some Shopping Therapy once in a while to make your life seem fresh again!

We had received a 10% off coupon off an entire purchase for Lowe's Home Improvement as well as a seperate coupon for 12 months no interest if paid off in 12 months and spend over $299 ( problem at Lowe's right? lol)
Anywho, I know what all of your thrifty and frugal minds are thinking...No No Nooooo! Don't do it! Well, I am with you; however, our strategy is to plan what we want/ need and write a list (to not go crazy) and plan an amount NOT to go over, and have a PLAN in place to have it paid back BEFORE the end of the 12 month promotion period! It works, you just have to be disciplined! We bought our fridge that way and it was paid off in 6 months...didn't have to pay a dime in interest! Very cool! So, now you know our business with our Lowe's, let me tell you what we purchased that I am so excited about!

  • *An ODL Enclosed Blind for the back door! We LOVE it! Very easy to install, looks awesome and is energy efficient! Don't forget we saved also 10% with the shopping coupon as well on everything!
  • *A Front Porch Swing that I had been wanting forever! So excited about it! We need something to sit on, on the Front Porch, and my son will love it! It is pretty too! I am going to have my upholstery sewing mom to make us some outdoor pillows (beautiful) for it. I am going to have her to attach a tie back on the reverse side to attach them so they don't fly away!
  • *A Bird Fruit Basket for my Dining Table (a ha! The inspiration for the table cleaning! LOL) was 50% off plus my 10% it for less than $15! Very pretty!
  • *Two Swing Seats for what will be my son's swing set (we have been buying a piece at a time...designed our own...since LAST year).
  • *Two Swing Hook Sets (Important....$30 EACH...Yikes!)
  • *Some Lugnuts (for son's swingset)
  • *Drip Irrigation pieces (only like $4.00 but must be mentioned)
  • *Two Pieces of Wood (for the swing set)
  • *and a Gatorade (to keep my son happy while loading the truck!)

In the end we will pay approximately $44 per month (I like to pay more or bigger chunks..but this is the average needed to pay off the card by the 12 months.)!

So excited!

Happy Monday!

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Observed Today! Work Together Everyone! Make it a great day for others around you and yourself!

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