Friday, January 18, 2008


Mommy Community Hosts Friday Favorites each Friday. This week the topic is favorite Kitchen Gadget!

My Favorite Kitchen Gadget(s) are kinda boring but true:

  • Electric Kettle (I love the ease and quickness of boiling water with this. Great for Mashed Potatoes, instant grits and oatmeals, formula, tea (of course), and the list goes on!)
  • Coffee Pot (Can't make it without my coffee fix)
  • Toaster (Love having crunchy bread for sandwiches and fast waffles when on the run!)

Alright! What is your Favorite Kitchen Gadgets? Join Mommy Community each Friday to share your faves!


Anonymous said...

I love my toaster oven - especially for breakfast and snack stuff. I used to love my coffee maker too but I stopped drinking coffee in May of last year. Thanks for playing along.

vicvic said...

OMGosh - I LOVE our electric kettle! Oh wait, it's not mine, it's MIL's. Well, that does it, I'm stealing it when we move. ;)