Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Need a Reusable Cloth Grocery Bag?

Here are a few places that I have found that is currently selling the Reusable Grocery Cloth Bag for $.99-$1.49 appx.

Target has three different kinds. Very in color!
The neat thing about their bags is the three ways to fold has a zipper and looks like a checkbook wallet and fits perfectly in any purse! Very lightweight!

The other style they have is a little bigger when folded; however, has a nice little handle and snaps shut. The last one is just a regular one that has no special folding features!
All three of he Target cloth reusable bags end up being the same size.

Lowe's Foods also sells a green cloth bag with being the sponsor or something on it! Those sell for $.99!
I bought these as "gift bags" during Christmas! Would make great gift bags for baby showers, bridal showers, name it! It has a double wrap and grocery bag over and over!

Lowe's foods even gives you (I believe it is) 50 greenpoints for each cloth bag you use versus the plastic or paper choice! Double use again! Add up points and save the earth!

Happy Tuesday!

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