Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thrifty and Creative's Favorite 15 Posts of 2007!

This is my personal favorite top 15 list of Posts for 2007 from Thrifty and Creative:


(Note: No particular order...I like them all and many more...)

1. Favorite Stores

2. Thrift Stores

3. Tax Receipts and the Thrift Store

4. Mis-cut Blinds

5. Thrifty Idea

6. Thrifty Tip Thursday (About donating to schools)

7. Let's Call it Thrifty Tip Thursday

8. The Best Diapers to use for Night and Shopping!

9. What an Awesome way to Recycle Plastic Bags! You won't believe it!

10. Baby $$ Money $$ Saving Tips

11. Thrifty Tip Thursday! FREE Samples!

12. Get your New Year started off right with Method Products!

13. Excited about an Energy Saving Purchase!

14. Monday Mommy Tip: Winter Heating Tip!

15. Storm Door: Great addition for heating and cooling savings

There were many more post that I enjoyed writing and found useful for myself, or I had already done in my home. Take time, if you wish, to surf Thrifty and Creative's 2007 posts!

Happy New Year once again!

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