Saturday, April 4, 2009

Review and Compare Credit Cards

My apologies for the lack of posting this week. My husband had the flu and now I am getting something. Forgive me as this coming week I may be a bit slow on the posting as well. Can you believe Easter is coming up so soon?

It is spring time and we are all getting to where we want to go on vacations and get out and about. With the current state of the Economy...the funds just may not be there. I, as you may know, am not the biggest fan of credit cards. I do have is our back up only. My card is through my teaching insurance so I found a good deal. (Still don't like it...but at least we have something as a back up source.)

I had some folks to share with me the following sites that allows you to review and compare credit cards and what they offer and rewards and deals and such that some cards come with. It is always best to pay off a card at the end each month in order to avoid those fees. Without further are the sites for your review:

Credit Land

Credit Card Menu

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