Monday, April 27, 2009

It's getting warmer! Turned the A/C on yet? What Temp?

I am just curious at what temperature most people keep their thermostats in the summer months?

We start off with 80 degrees F and then we eventually have to put it on 78 at some point and that is the lowest we turn it and it does allow us to save on our summer months electric bill.

It is the summer months we do best as we are cold nature people so we like it warm and that helps us on our bills as a result. We always (in the summer months) shoot for $100 or less bill per month. We'll see if we can do it this year.

Things we have done to help to get this bill and be able to stand the "heat."
Ceiling fans in many rooms. And this helps the temperature to feel better by having that cool breeze.
Thick curtains over windows to not allow the house to "heat up" in the first place.

Where we need to go next to continue improvement:
We want to insulate the garage (this will improve the bonus room above's temp which tends to be a very warm room in the summer.)
We also have a few rooms upstairs that still need thick curtains...and since heat rises...yep...long overdue for the upstairs. We still want two more nice ceiling fans: One for the kitchen and one for the guest room. I have debated the kitchen one over and over again...still uncertain.

What temperature do you leave your thermostat in the summer months?


Niecey said...

We have ours at about 78 too in the summer, but sometimes put it to 74 for a real treat. hehe. Or if we have guests over we keep it low too.

Melanie said...

I agree with you Niecey about when company comes over and lower it a bit. Many do keep the temperature lower than what we do. I don't want company to feel unwelcome, in the event they are used to it being more cool!

Great Point!