Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Husband's Drawings

My Wordless Wednesday is a picture of one of my favorite drawings my husband did for a client. I just love how he drew the hair and eyes!

My husband does custom drawings on Etsy. A few of scenarios are in our Etsy Shop: Art by Melanie and Claudiu; and, more choices are on our website: Pencil Perfect Art

Mother's Day isn't far off, but if you are interested...he could turn around a drawing in one week and have it shipped a few days following..granting you are happy with what you see...he does make adjustments for clients. We only sell through Etsy for seller and buyer protection purposes.

An 8X10 of one subject (like above) head and $45. This is the same price that I have seen many selling Computer/Digital "sketches" of photos. Those are not handmade and are done by a computer. These are hand drawn pieces of original art and take many hours to complete.

Happy Wordless Wednesday!


TorAa said...

Artistic done - no doubts

Soory I'm late

Melanie said...

Hi TorAa!

Never too late! :-) Have a great day!