Monday, April 13, 2009

Shutterfly...we thank you! Still the best!

I had to make a post about my favorite photo printing, sharing, products, quality site of my choosing. That site being Shutterfly! Truly looking out for its customers.

In the current economy, many of the photo printing sites are now requiring customers whom have uploaded pictures (doesn't matter how many) to make minimal purchases in a certain amount of time or pictures will be deleted from accounts. This frightened me so, mainly with Shutterfly, as they were and are my favorite and house around 1000 of my pictures currently. I had received an email from another photo printing site that I will not mention names that told me the above information and that was okay because I don't have many on their site. Then I started thinking about Shutterfly and worried that they may also follow by doing this in this economy to boost sales and such.

Well, good news, I also received an email from them stating the opposite...saying they know about other sites doing this practice and wanted to reinsure their customers this would not happen to them, it shall remain the storage, no minimal purchases, no time frame on making purchases, free site for sharing your pictures, etc...the list goes on Shutterfly IS AWESOME!

I wanted to inform as many as I could that Shutterfly is the way to go in storing and buying your photos. Let's support these folks that are not taking advantage of the times for personal gains. Thank you Shutterfly!

I Should also mention that now is the time to start gathering your pictures for a Mother's Day gift! I made my sis one last year and have already promised her another this year because she loved it so much. I gave one last year to my Mom as well, and she too loves it! :-)

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Anonymous said...

I got the same email and was so impressed!