Saturday, March 28, 2009

Michael's Coupons in your Inbox!

Hello anyone out there that loves to create Art and Crafts! It appears that Michael's (arts and crafts store) is starting to send out more coupons again. For a while, I noticed that their normal 40% coupon had seemed to disappear from their flyers. Also, it seemed that the only way to get a coupon was from shopping in the store Every Week and the coupon was printed on your receipt. The coupon would expire one week from that day of your visit. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I just like having the normal coupon in the flyer that way if you don't shop every single week, you can still have a coupon.

Okay, anywho, it seems that they are back to "normal." I have a flyer coupon for 40% and I just received my email with a 50% coupon for this Sunday through the next Saturday. I am happy as I shop there about every week and always buy more than one item. So it helps.

If you haven't signed up for Michael's so, so that you can also receive additional coupons in Your inbox!

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