Sunday, March 22, 2009

Enjoying CoverMate's Reusable Flexible Dishware Covers

We have had them in the house for a while, but for some silly reason I keep picking up the aluminum foil or plastic wrap to cover foods to store in the fridge. Just recently, I picked up one of our CoverMate Reusable Flexible Covers and put it on a plate to cover some food and I was! that was easy! They are more reusable than plastic wrap and less waste than plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Many times we just toss plastic wrap after a single use because it bunches up. Aluminum foil...if it isn't too dirty (I take to school and donate for recycling).

With these Flexible Covers (looks like shower caps...heee hee) you just stretch it over the bowl or plate. They are very stretchy and easy to use over and over! Wash them off, rinse, whatever. I love 'em!

They are funny looking but, man, I won't reach for anything else from now on (as long as it fits).

P.S. There are probably other brands of these, but the CoverMate brand is what we are currently using and are happy with.

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