Saturday, March 7, 2009

My New Lens on Squidoo: Domains 4 Sale!

I am trying out a new online type of biz...Domaining! It is where you buy domains then sell them for profit.

Check out my Lens on my Domains if you are curious.

While I am trying to sell these Domains...I am also "parking" each of them to make money off the searches and clicks on each of the domains. I am using Sedo for both services: selling and parking.

Uh...forgot to say what a Domain is: A Domain is the web address you type in to get to a website. Many refer to Domains as "Virtual Real Estate" as a Domain is like the land and the website is like the "Building" on the land. And, this is the reason why there is a market for it. We'll see how I do. I feel like I found a few good domains. Only time will tell.

Squidoo Lens Domains 4 Sale

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Anonymous said...

Great idea. I'll definitely be checking this out!!! By the way, love your site!!!

JT Locke
The Frugal Housewife